Retirement Distribution Stategies

Planning for retirement can be an overwhelming concern.  Your first question might be, "Have I saved enough?".  In order to get an idea, use our Retirement Portfolio Lifespan calculator to find out how long your funds may last.  The wrong strategy during volatile markets can have a devistating effect on your desire for income during your life and retirement.  Here at Petra Benefits Financial Services, we specialize in the design and implementation of retirement distribution strategies that can help you to enjoy your retirement years.  We use a goals-based approach to our planning techniques allowing us to customize your specific plan.

Whether you are a high net worth client interested in a personally designed distribution strategy from your investable asset or a retiree looking for a private pension plan with income to last you through your retirement, we've got you covered.  Each of our clients have unique goals and concerns.  Therefore, we develop each retirement distribution strategy on a case-by-case basis.  Let us be your retirement income manager for life.