Estate Planning

Who needs estate planning?  The answer is "everyone"!  Regardless of the size of your estate, proper estate planning helps to ensure that your intended heirs benefit as you desire.  Failing to plan properly can be costly.  Administrative costs, delayed settlement, and estate taxes can consume a lifetime of hard work, and saving on your part, with little left to pass on to your heirs. 

To begin with, we believe everyone should have a "5 Pack" legal suite.  What is that?  It consists of: (1) Will, (2) Durable Power of Attorney, (3) Medical Power of Attorney, (4) Medical Directive (or living will), and (5) HIPAA Authorization.  Without these basic documents, disasters can occur.  If you don't have an attorney, we'll be glad to recommend an attorney for you.  If various trusts are necessary in your case, we'll work with your attorney consistent with your plan.  In addition, estate taxes can severely errode the inheritance ultimately passed on to your heirs.  Please check our Estate Tax Estimator to calculate the potential impact of estate taxes.  Our goals-based planning approach is designed to achieve the maximum transfer of assets to the ones you love.



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